The Trust Spokesperson

The Trust Spokesperson

According to the WUT Rector’s Order, no 27/2022 of 5/4/2022 trust commissioners were appointed at the faculties to counteract unequal treatment and mobbing of employees at the Warsaw University of Technology department. At our Faculty, no spokesperson has been appointed from among the faculty employees; therefore, University Trust Spokesperson, dr Jolanta Kowalczyk-Grzenkowicz from the Faculty of Administration and Social Sciences, plays the role of the departmental spokesperson.

The Trust Spokesperson undertakes action in two stages:

  • mediatory
  • formal

The Trust Spokesperson is the first contact person whose task is to monitor, prevent, and consider applications at the mediatory stage of counteracting unequal treatment and contentious matters concerning the phenomenon of mobbing or unequal treatment at the Warsaw University of Technology.

The Trust Spokesperson considers a contentious matter in a case when the parties of the conflict concerning a phenomenon of unequal treatment or mobbing are:

  • faculty worker – other WUT worker,
  • faculty worker – WUT student,
  • faculty worker – WUT PhD student.