This page presents information about studies at the Faculty. The Faculty conducts studies in the field of chemical and process engineering in two degrees:

- first cycle studies (studies in Polish)

- second cycle studies (including one track with English as the teaching language)

The WUT Doctoral School carries out third cycle studies in the discipline of chemical engineering in cooperation with our researchers, among others.

The Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering was awarded the Certificate of Educational Excellence "Partner for Development - Excellence in Cooperation with the Socio-Economic Environment" in 2022. We create opportunities for our students to learn about potential jobs while they are already studying. In cooperation with the Faculty Student Council and the Scientific Club, we organize excursions to chemical, biotechnology or processing plants.

WIChiP is also accredited by the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education (ENAEE) by the Accreditation Commission for Universities of Technology (KAUT). With this accreditation, a diploma obtained from studies at WIChiP is recognized in European countries.