Professor Jerzy Bałdyga passed away

With deep sadness we would like to inform you all that

Professor Jerzy Bałdyga

passed away suddenly on the 19th of November, 2019


1950 - 2019


A great man of science passed away.
World-famous scientist, he established a science school of micromixing, and he greatly developed fields of chemical reactor engineering and multiphase processes.



On behalf of the academic community of the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering,
we extend our most sincere condolences to family and friends of Professor Jerzy Bałdyga.


Dean, teachers and students, colleagues, and friends from the Faculty.


Jerzy Bałdyga was born in Lublin on April 28, 1950. In 1969 he graduated from the Technical Secondary School of Chemistry in Lublin, and in 1974 he graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering with a master's degree in engineering. In 1981 he earned a doctorate with distinction under the supervisory of prof. Ryszard Pohorecki. The doctoral thesis was entitled "Micromixing and segregation in chemical reactors." In 1989 he obtained a habilitation degree based on the dissertation entitled "Mechanisms and models of micromixing in turbulent flow systems." In 1997 he was awarded the title of professor in technical sciences in the chemical engineering discipline.


Professor Bałdyga worked continuously from 1977 at the Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering, where he held several functions. From 1996 he was head of the Division of Chemical Reactor Engineering and Dynamics. In the years 1999–2005, he was the deputy dean for general and scientific affairs, and then in the years 2005–2012, the dean of the Faculty. From 2005 he held a position in the Senate of the Warsaw University of Technology. From 2012 he was a member of the Central Commission for Degrees and Titles. He was recently elected to the first cadency of the Council of Scientific Excellence (Rada Doskonałości Naukowej) in the chemical engineering discipline. Professor Bałdyga was a long-term vice-chairman of the Committee of Chemical and Process Engineering of the Polish Academy of Sciences and chairman of the Mixing Section in this Committee. Furthermore, he was a member of the Diamond Grant and Iuventus Plus councils in the Ministry of Science and High Education, a member of the scientific panels of the Foundation for Polish Science, an expert of the National Center for Research and Development. He was also the subject editor of the Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification, International Journal of Chemical Engineering, Chemical and Process Engineering and special editions of Chemical Engineering Research and Design. He took part in many other scientific committees and institutions in the country and abroad.


The research area of Professor Bałdyga concerned about the effects of flow and micromixing on the selectivity and efficiency of complex chemical reactions, production of micro and nano-particles, course of processes in supercritical fluids and multiphase processes, industrial biotechnology, and processes intensification and many other issues. He managed many national and European research projects. Professor Bałdyga promoted 17 doctors. He was a reviewer of many doctoral and habilitation theses in the country and the world. His scientific publications are widely known, cited, and appreciated.


Professor Bałdyga received numerous awards and honors for scientific, didactic and organizational achievements. He has been awarded the Polish state decorations: the Knight's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta, the Golden Cross of Merit and the Medal of the National Education Commission. He has been awarded many times by the ministers of science and education, the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Rector of Warsaw University of Technology.


Professor Bałdyga was very active in the international field. His activity included multiple scientific internships, invitation lectures, joint doctorates, research projects, and publications with many universities. Especially intensive and fruitful was his work at the ETH Zürich where he worked as a visiting professor, participated in the promotion of three doctors, and lectured as part of the prestigious Leonhard Euler Center Visitors Program. He also cooperated with the University of Saskatoon, University of Birmingham, Karlsruher Institute for Technology, EPFL Lausanne, and others.


In addition to the university activities, since the 1980s Professor Bałdyga continuously cooperated with the industry represented by the largest concerns and the most significant engineering companies around the world such as DSM (the Netherlands), BASF, Merck and Bayer (Germany) DuPont, Scientific Design and Procter & Bamber (USA), BHR and Unilever (UK), Solvay (France), PKN Orlen and Grupa Azoty (Poland).


In 2001 he received the DU PONT award for international scientific and educational achievements. In 2011, the North American Mixing Forum affiliated at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE appreciated prof. Bałdyga. This distinction was justified as follows: "A book by J. Baldyga, J. R. Bourne, "Turbulent Mixing and Chemical Reactions" and related papers have been awarded in October 2011 as one of 21 most influential contributions in mixing research in XXth and XXIst century by NAMF AIChE based on votes from award winners and leading researchers in mixing around the world."


Professor Bałdyga was one of the most famous and respected figures of European chemical engineering. He organized numerous scientific conferences, for many years he led the Working Group Mixing at the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE), and from 2016 he was a member of the EFCE Executive Board.


Professor Jerzy Bałdyga was a man of great merit to the Faculty and the Warsaw University of Technology. He was a high authority respected and highly appreciated by the national and international chemical engineering community, a mentor and teacher of many generations of scientists, doctoral students, and students of chemical engineering.


He loved mountains, and he was an alpinist. He was passionate about art, history, nature, and sport. The interlocutors were amazed by the vast knowledge and thoughtful views. He was a philanthropist, and he willingly supported people in need.


Professor Jerzy Bałdyga's recent death is an irreparable loss for us.


Professor Jerzy Bałdyga was buried in the cemetery Cmentarz Wojskowy na Powązkach
on 30 November, 2019.
Cemetery section: columbarium Q 8, rząd 2, nisza nr 4




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