The Faculty cooperates with the leading foreign industrial companies including:

BASF (Germany),

Merck (Germany),

Bayer GmbH (Germany),

Reckitt-Benckiser (Germany),

Membrana GmbH (Germany),

Unilever (UK),

Nektar Therapeutic (UK),

DSM (The Netherlands),

Ferro Corporation Pharmaceutical Technologies (USA)

Cummins-Fleetguard (USA)

Amazon Filters (UK).


The members of our staff take part in the international exchange and they have been invited as visiting scientists by e.g.:

TU Delft (The Netherlands),

ETH Zurich (Switzerland),

University of Vienna (Austria),

University of Bradford (UK),

Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden),

University of Venice (Italy),

Kanazawa University (Japan),

Hiroshima University (Japan),

Doshisha University (Japan),

University of Newcastle (Australia),

University of Delaware (USA),

niversity of Chicago (USA),

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (USA),

University of Minnesota (USA),

University of Cincinnati (USA).